My name is Peter Wilson, I am a Golf Professional, and a winner of tournaments around the world. 

My passion for Surfing & Skateboarding made me create an event a few years ago, I staged Australia’s largest one day golf event, and positioned a vert ramp in middle of the golf event!! 

After this event I noticed that for the top level skateboarders and BMX riders, there are no facilities for them to train for the big air competitions.

Currently in the United States, there is Bob Burnquist’s Private backyard Mega Ramp. Danny Way has created a private ramp off the charts in Hawaii, and there is the Woodward West Mega Ramp.

In Australia there is not many high standard facility’s available for my action sports athlete friends to train on are no Megaramp’s a lot of them have moved to America.

If my kids wanted to Pursue a career in Actions sports I didn’t want them to abandon Australia, so with my main sidekick Chaddy we took it upon ourselves to create the Megaranch training facility.

After the first one had to be relocated it was the perfect opportunity to build it better and properly, we wanted to create a Megaramp that was safe enough to progress all ages into there perspective sports through expert guidance in camp style environments

We now have created a place for BMX Riders and Skateboarders in Australia to have a place to train on, and potentially reach the X Games level.

Jump on the session tab or camp tab and come join the fun!!