Can anyone use the Megaramp?

Yes to a certain degree. You have to have aerial awareness skills. We have camps which is a great way to get trained on the Mega. Otherwise you may need to pay extra for an expert Megaramp coach to guide you through coaches your first time here.

What age can come?

Not really an age limit more a skill and experience limit.

How do I book?

On the website there is a section to book and it sends an email to us. There are a variety of options and lengths of time from 3 hours a day to a full week.

Why the Megaramp experience?

There currently are not many competitions involving a Megaramp or such a huge quarter. So why ride the Megaramp? Firstly it will be the thrill of a lifetime! Also riding such a big quarter is the best way to grow your confidence on any ramp. It helps with aerial awareness and speed awareness.

Is there accommodation?

Not yet but it is being built currently, there is accom options near by

What can you use on the Megaramp

You can use if u ride Bmx, Skate, in-line, Rollerskates and Scooter