The Megaranch journey started with Pete’s passion to provide opportunities to Australian athletes involved in extreme sports. Already due to the ramp we have had 5 Aussie athletes given invites into the X-Games Big Air competition with Ryan Williams winning gold in the BMX discipline.
Megaranch’s own Keefer Wilson broke records by being the lightest and shortest competitor in X-Games history, and just 4 months short of being the youngest competitor ever.

Our mission is to see the Aussies dominate in the big air scene over the years to come. Also to grow more international visitors to Australia.
This is the only Megaramp built solo for building the sport from the ground up.
The middle jump is joined and the ramp has different sections to start from. Progression has all ready begun!!

We are looking for like minded companies looking at growing youth participation in action sports. We have camps for skate and BMX first, and will grow into the other disciplines.
We want to grow more girls into the vert and Megaramp riding. Branding opportunities on the Megaramp are available.
There are many options for sponsorship.
-We could do an amazing ad campaign.
-You could have stickers on the ramp so your logo is shared every time the ramp is in use.
-You could sponsor a camp or certain rider for opportunities on the ramp.

Enquiries at

This is a really exciting opportunity to be a part of something amazing!