THE MEGARAMP at Megaranch has been a conversation piece not only locally but globally for many years now. 
Initially an idea between a skateboarder and a Golfer it turned into a reality when The Golfer with a few mates started putting posts into the ground so he can actually start building the MEGARAMP. 

There were many objections and a few visits to court to keep it. In the end the Megaranch crew won and we where allowed to build a bigger Megaramp to X games specs in a different location on the land than the previous Megaramp location.

Now the new Megaramp has been built in an old dam and has a joined middle jump with a variety of drop ins to cater for all ability’s.

The Megaramp is the perfect training tool for all action sports athletes, from Nitro circus athletes to X Games competitors.

The Megaramp is complete and the Megaranch is open for training. 

Jump on the session tab and book a session!!